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How Often Should I Attend Megaformer Classes?

Our Megaformer workout is designed to work your muscles to exhaustion, at which point you need to rest and recover. Unlike traditional workouts, ours is not a workout you need to do daily in order to see and feel results! In fact, if this is your only form of fitness, we recommend taking 3-5 classes per week (max!) for the best results. By attending regularly, the connection that your mind has to your body will profoundly increase, your intensity will increase as you begin to master proper form and body mechanics, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see results. Becasue our workout is so intense on your muscles, you will want to incorporate rest and recovery.

You will burn fat, increase flexibility and balance, jump-start your metabolism, strengthen your entire body and ultimately, be in the best shape of your life.

Our workout is designed to be your all-in-one workout – it is your strength endurance, cardio, core, balance & flexibility training all-in-one! That said, if you regularly practice another intense fitness regimen, taking our Megaformer class 1-2 days per week is perfect and a wonderful form of cross-training!

Is this like Pilates?

In short, no!

The Megaformer (or ‘Mega’) is a patented Lagree machine – it is not a Pilates reformer and we do not teach Pilates on it. While we do have a couple of things in common (both workouts are low-impact and utilize a machine), that is where the similarities end.

Our classes focus on time under tension – they are athletic, fast-paced and intense – but we move with control and minimize impact on joints. Though both workouts are low impact, ours is performed at a much higher intensity with cardiovascular elements, and our machine is built to pull, to pull against tension, and to push heavy tension. We utilize tried and proven bodybuilding training techniques not inherent to Pilates. The union of these bodybuilding techniques and low-impact qualities, directly translate to rapid results.

Think of our workout as a healthy alternative to high-impact or HIIT training.  You get the intensity and results, without the impact!

What is your Bounce workout like?

InstaBounce is our 40 minute format, and the class takes place on a rebounder (aka a mini trampoline).  Our custom trampolines utilize bungee cords and provide a low-impact bounce with resistance on your muscles. Each 40 minute trampoline cardio class is athletic and different – incorporating elements of stability, agility and HIIT – all set to energizing music. Every class includes a warm-up, two 15 minute bounce work-sets, a strength work-set (where you aren’t bouncing) and a guided stretch at the end. This class is for all levels, and you do not need any prior experience. You will move in a ll planes of motion and you will not fall off as the focus is always on driving down into the rebounder mat, rather than jumping up as you may on a backyard trampoline.

Mega + Bounce is a combo class that incorporates 10 minutes of Bounce with 30 minutes of strength & endurance training on the Megaformer.

I’m worried I will pee my pants on the trampoline – what should I do?

You should take our bounce class! If your pelvic floor muscles are weakened it can result in a small amount of bladder leakage which is perfectly normal. However, studies have shown that rebounding is one of the best forms of exercise for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles as they are highly active during trampoline exercises and thus strengthen when bouncing. So, if this is a concern of yours, all the more reason to bounce!!

I’m new to the workout. Should I do a Private Session if I’ve never been on a Megaformer?

We do offer private sessions, however our workout does not require you to start with a private session or even a beginner-level class. We believe in learning by doing – and our classes are designed to work for all levels in a personalized group setting. We offer a truly judgement-free and non-intimidating environment. Like with anything new, it takes around 5-8 classes to gain the comfort level associated with a better understanding of the workout, and we’re here to guide you through it.

You will need to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes early for your first class. Your coach will give you a tour of the machine before class starts and will also discuss any potential physical limitations you might have. You’ll receive a lot of personal attention during your workout. Modifications are possible for almost every exercise, to suit your current fitness level.

If you have a current injury, are recovering from surgery, or have other medical concerns – we may recommend starting with a private session. Feel free to chat with us to discuss.

What should I wear/bring to class?

Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing that you can move in.  For both safety and sanitary reasons, we require that you wear grip socks in all fitness classes. If you do not have grip socks, we do have various brands and styles available for purchase at the studio.  Most clients like to bring a water bottle and sweat towel. We have reverse osmosis filtered water stations at both studio locations for you to refill!

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