Ready to change your life?


Ever think about becoming an InstaPhysique coach?

If you’re ready to change your life by serving others in a big way, our training
program may be for you. We are currently seeking passionate InstaPhysique clients, athletes, health and medical professionals, dancers, teachers, actors, performers and all-around fitness pros to join the InstaPhysique Certification Program.

Our Training Program

Our training program is in-depth and robust, and covers:
  1. Exercise science and human biomechanics
  2. Functional anatomy of the human body
  3. Functional movement and training principles
  4. Cueing, counting, exercise set-ups
  5. In-depth analysis and practice of all movements, variations, modifications, and advancements for each exercise
  6. How to effectively teach, motivate and coach a mixed-level group class
  7. Performance based coaching
  8. How to hear a beat, and teach to music
  9. Safety and injury prevention
  10. Access to the studio for practice, mentorship & much more!

What We’re Looking For

  • You have a burning desire to serve others
  • You have a minimum of 1 year of fitness coaching or leadership experience
  • You have a big, fun personality
  • You have an understanding of the human body
  • You are a leader with a passion for health & fitness
  • You believe in upholding a higher standard of authenticity, energy & excellence
  • You’re eager to learn & to evolve

Apply Now!

If all of the above sounds like your jam, please, fill out our application to let us know a few things about yourself.

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