The Workout

The Workout

The Smartest & Most Effective Workout in 40 minutes.

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We have a range of class options and recovery services to meet your goals.

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    Our signature class! This 40-minute full-body workout is different every day, and encourages maximum exertion with zero periods of rest to effectively stimulate your muscles to fatigue, with no stress on the joints or spine. You will strengthen your body, tone and elongate muscles, improve endurance, burn fat and allow you to sculpt your physique in ways traditional exercises cannot. Be prepared to sweat, shake and feel the burn tomorrow! All levels welcome.
  • Insta X (Stretch)

    Relax and stretch it out in our 50 minute full-body stretch class. You will be guided through a series dynamic deep stretches utilizing the spring resistance of the Mega, while your coach provides targeted Hypervolt percussion massage and assisted stretch throughout class. This low intensity class will stretch the entire body, helping to increase mobility, flexibility and range of motion in the way your body craves. You will leave the studio feeling loose, elongated, relaxed and rejuvenated. Your muscles work hard for you, it’s time to treat them right!
  • plank

    Abs + Arms

    Intelligently-sequenced to shred your abs and strengthen your entire upper-half! This specialty class is designed with all the heart pumping core, abs, oblique, and arm-focused work you love on the Mega. A great class to give the legs a day off and focus primarily on core strength.
  • Mega + Bounce

    Mega + Bounce

    This combo class is equal parts fun and effective. We combine 30 minutes of strength & muscular endurance training on the Mega, and 10 minutes on the rebounder to provide the perfect mix of strength, endurance, balance, and heart-pumping cardio. Get all the detoxification and health benefits of rebounding, and maximize your intensity on the Mega. All levels welcome, and no previous experience is required.
  • bounce workout in sacramento


    A music-driven, full body workout that blends cardio, strength, endurance and balance all into a single bounce. Our low-impact, athletic rebounder class will condition the entire body by converting gravity into a muscle-toning, fat-burning workout that improves agility & heart health, strengthens bones and leaves you with a rush of endorphins. Each 40 minute class includes two 15 minute bounce intervals, with a strength interval (where you are not bouncing) in the middle. You also get a warm-up and wonderful stretch at the end. Why Bounce? Studies have shown rebounding is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running. In addition to all of the great fitness benefits, there are some serious wellness benefits too. It has a massive anti-aging effect on your body, improves your immune system, and rid toxins from your body as your lymphatic system is being pumped as we bounce. Bounce, we love you.
  • rolling stomach on infrared roll massage machine insta roll


    It’s a massage and workout all-in-one! In a 30-minute session, you will experience a full-body deep tissue massage by going through a sequence of 15 different positions beginning from your feet all the way up to your arms. Our next-gen roll massage machines are equipped with infrared and collagen light and offer an intense and restorative lymphatic drainage massage that releases muscle tension, slims the body, loosens and breaks up fascia, reduces inflammation, eliminates toxins, promotes clearer & tighter skin, and burns hundreds of calories per session. It is the most effective, non-invasive method for cellulite reduction. The benefits are amazing, and once you experience the noticeable results it becomes an addiction!
  • instaroll glute and hamstring massage

    Express Roll

    Short on time? Our 15 minute express session is perfect for targeted muscle recovery pre -or- post-workout. Infrared heated rollers with adjustable speed provides massage with elements of acupressure, loosens the fascia and stimulates lymphatic drainage. You will increase blood circulation and reduce muscle tension.
  • woman smiling in infrared sauna

    Infared Therapy

    Your private sauna experience allows you to select from six programs created from clinical research to deliver each wavelength at the optimal dosage. Unlike any other infrared sauna, our Sunlighten patented 3 in 1® delivers the perfect wavelength of each infrared wave – you get precise near, mid and far wavelengths for optimal results. Sit back and enjoy the gentle theraputic heat, Chromotherapy & Acoustic Resonance Therapy (sound & vibration therapy for calming & healing effects) included with each session. Take advantage of our unique detox program: Trampoline rebounding X Infrared Sauna. Jumping on our low-impact rebounder is easy for everyone. We provide a complimentary rebounder in your private sauna room – bounce for just a few minutes pre-sauna and you will double your benefits.
$79 – 2 WEEKS

The best workout you’ve ever had in your life – try it now.

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