December 16, 2023

Let’s Talk Angles

The work we do on the Mega is adjustable to training at different angles to help recruit different muscle groups and train functional movement patterns. Each workout is programmed to take your body to a certain threshold of intensity to stimulate the body’s adaptive changes. When the body is training at an effective intensity and the muscles are being effectively stimulated, your results are maximized. One of the key elements we use to effectively stimulate your body’s adaptive changes is effective form – YOUR ANGLES MATTER!

Changing the angle of the body can change the way gravity affects the exercise. It will also change where you feel the work and the intensity of the work.

Using the example of lunging, we want to optimize your angle to activate the posterior chain while removing any stress on the spine. Your torso angle + your stride matters – always! We may specifically have you in a high stride to target the middle of your butt, then cue you into Moonwalker at your lowest stride. The reason? You are targeting different parts of your glute and hamstring and these angle variations increase strength by changing the muscle contractions.

Additionally, every time you change the angle you are increasing your neuromuscular connection as you change the way the brain interprets the move.

Pro Tip: A good lunge requires strong hip hinge mechanics, particularly during the eccentric (lowering) phase of the movement. To tax the glutes, they must be eccentrically elongated during the negative. That means the hips have to sit back posteriorly rather than allowing them to drift forward.

In other words, YOUR ANGLES MATTER!!

Questions? Be sure to check in with your coach before or after class if you wish to talk effective form. See you on the Mega!

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