December 16, 2023

Squad Stories: Meet Client, Danielle

We asked member, Danielle, what brought her to the studio and why she stays – read on for her story, in her own words!

As a former college soccer player, I knew I needed to find a lower impact workout as I moved forward in life. I signed up for a gym membership, tried various studios & sought to find the next activity I could commit to. When I came across InstaPhysique, the game changed. The squad atmosphere reminded me of being on a soccer team again, and the coaches inspired me every workout. At the time, I was going through difficult changes personally and professionally, so InstaPhysique became my therapy. Like Coach Kristin says, ‘if you’re thinking about anything else right now, sit a little lower.’ Needless to say my Long Jump hold improved very quickly!

Every week I could count on 40 minutes a day where the stress of my world did not exist. I was taking care of myself for the first time in a long time, and I was hooked. Then the pandemic hit, and I was devastated when I realized that my new routine would be changed indefinitely. I cannot explain the relief and thrill when I found out InstaPhysique pivoted and went online and outside- and it happened so quickly!

As a middle school teacher, I know what it takes to engage with a group of folks remotely, and the fact that I was going to continue feeling connected to my Squad from afar, while feeling my absolute best, was a gift that has left me forever grateful.

Playing soccer for 20 years did a number on my knees, so I thought running was a thing of the past. It was painful to jog 1-mile, and I suffered for days afterwards. Now, not only can I go for a 3-mile run every week and sign up for 10Ks a couple times a year, but I’m enjoying running for the first time in 15 years. My body bounces back like it went through a time machine. InstaPhysique has changed every aspect of my life. Now when I think of moves I love to hate (like Long Jump holds, Bear, and Scrambled Eggs), I smile to myself knowing the incredible impact InstaPhysique, its coaches, and those moves have had on me.

BOOK YOUR CLASS TODAY and be sure to wave hello to Danielle if you spot her shaking in a Long Jump hold on the Mega next to you!

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