May 4, 2024

The Intensity I Craved, the Long-Term Fitness I Needed: My InstaPhysique Journey

What’s your journey to InstaPhysique?

I’ve been a member of InstaPhysique since February 21, 2018…wow!  I was a journey to re-invent what I thought training was.  I’ve always loved and gravitated towards hard, dirty, sweaty workouts…Marine Corps and now CrossFit.  I love the suck and thought that was the only place I could find it.  In my journey though I realized that 6 days of that is not good for my body and I want to be an athlete for life.  I need to readjust and refocus my purpose.  A friend had recommended I try Insta and I was hooked after day one.  I literally called my husband right after class because it was so hard… and I LOVED IT

What’s your favorite thing about InstaPhysique? What keeps you coming?

I can’t just pick one thing….It’s the coaches that I love talking with and can now call friends, it’s the members who I love seeing class after class and looking at each other after a workout with the OMG we made it. Being an ambassador and helping new clients is very rewarding too.  I remember the first time I heard “Scrambled Eggs”…and didn’t have clue what was going on.  I know how good this is for my body and mind and what a huge change it has made in my body as well.  It has complimented my other workouts and it is never the same workout. I love constantly challenging myself to transition faster and maybe one day knowing where to stand with all the different lunges hahaha

How do you find ways to prioritize fitness amidst a demanding schedule and family responsibilities? 

Fitness has always been my therapy and I prioritize it daily because it makes me better at everything else I have to do.  Once I finish my workout I tell myself the hardest part of my day is done and now I can go crush whatever work or life throws at me.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other moms struggling to find “me time”? 

Don’t look at is as “me time”…it’s a “better me time”   I can give my family and colleagues a better version of me because prioritizing my physical and mental health sets me up for success in all the other aspects of my life.

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