December 16, 2023

What Is a “Lymphatic Drainage Workout Massage” and Is it Worth It?

We are often asked “what exactly is a mechanical body roll massage, and why should I do it?”.  Read on as we answer our most frequently asked questions…

What is INSTAROLL (a body roll massage)?

Body rolling is an innovative massage therapy system that improves musculoskeletal function, as well as helps to promote healthy fat and cellulite reduction. The roller operates by providing an active massage to the regions it contacts, which focuses on improving blood circulation into the muscle tissues in which it may be limited, which oxygenates these regions and helps to burn fat. Additionally, the massage stimulates improved drainage of lymph fluid and toxins from the skin and muscle tissues to promote healthy functionality of the lymphatic system of the body. These benefits combine to provide a number of valuable, tangible health benefits, such as an increase in muscle flexibility, faster recovery from muscle injury or soreness, and even reduction in fat and cellulite accumulation in targeted areas. It helps to relieve inflammation & can increase your joint range of motion. In a 45-minute session at InstaPhysique in Sacramento, you will experience a full-body deep tissue massage by going through a sequence of 15 different positions from feet all the way up to your shoulders. Our machine is designed to perform an elevated lymphatic drainage massage that incorporates the benefits of infrared and collagen lights for maximized benefits.

Why would I benefit from body rolling?

  • Eases muscle pain by reducing soreness and inflammation.
  • Eliminates waste products & toxins from the body
  • Can help greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite. By mechanically kneading your body at precise speeds, body rolling helps loosen and break up your fascia, which is so important for a multitude of health reasons. Fascia are the body’s connective tissues and also contribute to the appearance of cellulite. 
  • Can help manage fibromyalgia (musculoskeletal pain) symptoms
  • Helps you to relax by breaking up tightness in your muscles, making you feel less tense and calmer as a result. 
  • Tones your body & helps to firm the skin. The machine invigorates the skin’s surface as well as the lymph stream beneath the skin by utilizing infrared radiation.

What other helpful benefits are there?

Lymphatic drainage massage can benefit people who are experiencing, lymphedema (swelling in arms or legs), fatigue, insomnia, stress, digestive problems, skin issues, bloating, arthritis & migraines.

How often should I body roll?

Initially, you should be body rolling 2-3 times a week and after 10-12 continuous sessions, you should be body rolling 1-2 times weekly. 

How long does each session take to complete?

45 minutes is the recommended session time, while there are 15-minute-sessions available.

What should I wear?

Socks are required (regular socks, not grip!). Wear appropriate gym clothing (long leggings or pants and a fitted top are best). Note that wearing white or lighter colored clothing will benefit you since the infrared & collagen lights will have better penetration through to the skin. 

Why is infrared heating important?

Our body roller is equipped with infrared heating & collagen lamps. Infrared has shown to help with detoxification, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, relaxation, improved circulation, weight loss, skin purification, boosting of the immune system & lowering of blood pressure.

What else should I know to be prepared?

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated before and after your body roll session. This will help flush any toxins from your body. We recommend eating a light healthy snack at least an hour before your session.

Why does my body feel achy after a body roll session?

Body aches can be expected to happen briefly after a body roll session while the toxins are transported to the nearest lymph nodes for excretion. Lymphatic drainage is healing the body by detoxifying, and some people are more sensitive to that process. The lymphatic system is responsible for handling and neutralizing toxins and wastes created from food, pollution, and our own body’s daily cellular activities. It is also responsible for housing and transporting immune cells. Clients that feel nauseous during or after their session, should go more slowly and shorten the session. You may choose to increase certain nutrients (antioxidants such as Vitamin C to bind toxins) or temporarily add supportive herbs to support the liver and kidneys detoxification processes prior to and after your body roll sessions. 

Important Information:

  • wear long leggings or pants and a fitted top (appropriate gym clothing) 
  • socks are mandatory (no shoes)
  • no jewelry & no zippers
  • hair up and away from the shoulders and upper back
  • do not body roll on a full stomach
  • drink plenty of water after your roll session to eliminate the toxins

 Machine body rolling is not recommended for:

  • pregnant women (possible to do Express Rolls with clearance from your doctor)
  • anyone that is sick or infectious
  • anyone at risk of bleeding
  • people with tumors or thyroid disease
  • anyone with a fracture or any fresh wounds
  • anyone with large bruises
  • anyone with a heart condition or with uncontrolled blood pressure
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